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This is Christmas 2007

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Mario – Queen of the circus

Mario – Queen of the Circus will be at the 2007 Street Performers World Championships in Dublin.

test post time delayed

insert test text here

Happy birthday Enrique!

Today is my son Enrique’s birthday. Happy birthday

Enrique with spoon!

Testing linking

This is how to link to a post.

This a test post

This a test post for the blog training class.

Ready to post. adds a spell checker

This is a test of the spell checker.

You have to turn on the Visual Rich Editor to use it. I hate the rich editor but I am turning it on for this test – the blog piece says the editor has been upgraded so maybe it'll be better.

It doesn't flag non-capitalised "i"'s I notice – i.e. it sees no problem with "i went to the shop to see if i could…" – other than that (and the fact that it doesn't recognise the word WordPress) I like it! And the toolbar does appear to be a tad better. Hopefully the toolbar will be better in the next version of the downloadable WordPress too – for now it is waaaaaay too slow.