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Sample video post

This is Christmas 2007

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Happy birthday Enrique!

Today is my son Enrique’s birthday. Happy birthday

Enrique with spoon!

Testing linking

This is how to link to a post.

This a test post

This a test post for the blog training class.

Ready to post. adds a spell checker

This is a test of the spell checker.

You have to turn on the Visual Rich Editor to use it. I hate the rich editor but I am turning it on for this test – the blog piece says the editor has been upgraded so maybe it'll be better.

It doesn't flag non-capitalised "i"'s I notice – i.e. it sees no problem with "i went to the shop to see if i could…" – other than that (and the fact that it doesn't recognise the word WordPress) I like it! And the toolbar does appear to be a tad better. Hopefully the toolbar will be better in the next version of the downloadable WordPress too – for now it is waaaaaay too slow. 

This is a test of uploading images!

This is an image of me at Les Blogs – these conferences are such hard work!

Tom Raftery at Les Blogs

Salim Ismail podcast

I interviewed PubSub CEO, Salim Ismail and podcast the interview today. The interview was amazing – Salim completely wrecked my head when he told me about the feed mesh and more importantly, structured blogging.

I will be doing a follow-up interview and publishing it next week – in the meantime, if you are interested, at all, in web publishing, you need to hear what Salim has to say – check out the interview here.